CT Dressage Team

Korie Hanseth: 

Originally from Arizona, Korie has worked as Christine’s full time assistant for the past several years. She is an accomplished rider and trainer from young horse competitions to Grand Prix and has won multiple regional and state championships from First Level to Grand Prix. Korie is also a USDF "L" Program graduate with distinction. She offers instruction at all levels of dressage.

Natasha Traurig:

Natasha comes from a family of riding history decorated with Olympic medals and World Cup Finals; thus it is obvious that her strong passion and dedication for the horses comes from her parents, Christine and Bernie Traurig. From pony jumpers to the Grand Prix level, Natasha has studied under her parent’s horsemanship and instruction.

Lucas Traurig:

Lucas is the #1 crew member. You’ll see him at the shows diligently setting up the CT Dressage Stable show tents and helping out where ever he is needed. With a smile on his face, he always gets the job done.

Joey Traurig:

Joey heads up the security department. With four fast legs and a good set of teeth he is fully qualified to be the CT Dressage Stable security guard. But don’t let that scare you; he’ll sweetly jump onto your lap for a scratch behind his ear or a treat.