Christine Traurig Dressage Stable offers:

  • Training of horses and riders of all levels up to Grand Prix,
  • Coaching for professional riders
  • Clinics
  • Sales and training of horses for resale
  • Imports: in collaboration with Johann Hinnemann, offering of an exceptional selection of horses
  • Working student program

Christine Traurig offers one of the most thorough and dedicated programs for training, care and management of horses and riders to reach their potential. Her training program in developing horses and riders follows the classical system of dressage according to the scale of training or the training pyramid. Traurig’s program encompasses a broad understanding of the biomechanics in dressage horses in order to develop and maximize their potential as a dressage horse. She also has a keen understanding of show jumpers through her long-time association with Bernie Traurig.

Korie Hanseth, Christine's full time assistant, has ridden from young horse competitions up to Grand Prix. She has won multiple regional and state championships from First Level through Grand Prix. Korie is also a USDF "L" Program graduate with distinction. She offers training for all levels of Dressage.

For more information about Christine’s program and how it can support your goals, please contact her at